Wordpress Plugins

Heres a list of the plugins Ive written for WordPress.

Ads For Old Posts

The Ads For Old Posts plugin will automatically insert an ad block in your posts once they reach a certain age. The idea is to not bother your regular readers with ads, but display the ads for people who may find your posts months and years later.

To install, download the latest version below and unzip the file. Upload the entire directory to your wp-content/plugins directory. Then, in the WordPress admin go to the plugins page and activate the plugin. Click the Ads for Old Posts link in the settings section to set up your ad. Fill in the form and hit save.

4/1/09 Version 0.1: Initial version. Not very user friendly.
4/3/09 Version 0.2: Added the options page. Ready for testing.
4/4/09 Version 1.0: Ready for release.
4/5/09 Version 1.1: Fixed directory name issue.
4/17/09 Version 1.2: Added several new display options to the control panel

Download the latest version or, check out the plugin in action.

Sample Screen Shots
In version 1.2, the plugin will let you add a block of ads to the beginning or end of the blog post inside the content area of the post. You can choose to left or right align the ad block and the text will flow around the block. Here are two examples: (click thumbnail for larger view)

screen_left_align screen_right_align screen_no_float
Left align, Left Float Right align, Right Float Left align, No Float

Option Screen
This is what the option screen looks like in version 1.2

Upcoming Features
I have already received some great feedback from the WordPress community. Here are some features I will be adding in the next few days.

  • Ability to place the ads at the end of the post Added in 1.2
  • Ability to turn Float on or off Added in 1.2
  • Ability to left/right align the span and float independently Added in 1.2
  • Ability to add CSS elements Added in 1.2

If you have any additional suggestions for features, please let me know.